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SoulPlay is not just an event. It's a vision for a connected and radiant community. These values are core to everything we do.


This is a cornerstone of our belief. All interactions must stem from mutual consent between the people involved. It’s pretty basic - Ask before you hug, and let go when you’re let go of.


Don’t take yourself so seriously! We believe that “enlightenment” isn’t about doom and gloom, it’s about fun and love.


We accept all sexual orientations, gender definitions (or lack thereof), races, cultures, political views and any other life preferences. This also includes accepting the choice to not partake in activities or to not agree with certain viewpoints.


Be curious and try new things, whatever that means to you. This is a place to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone in order to expand our horizons and drive our personal growth to new limits.


We strive for all interactions, whether short or long, to be authentic manifestations of our hearts, creating deep connection everywhere.


Your self. Your whole self. And nothing but yourself.

our approach



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